Cissy & Whitney Houston*The mother of late Whitney Houston conducted her first interview since she passed.

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Though Cissy Houston turned down Oprah Winfrey, requesting more time to grieve, she agreed to an interview with Brenda Blackmon from local New Jersey FOX affiliate, My9.

“I miss her,” Cissy said. “She was very special to me.” She adds that she does not blame anyone for Whitney’s death. “Nothing I can do about it. Nothing nobody else can do about it. If I thought I could do something to bring her back, that’s exactly what I’d do, but I know that’s impossible.”

She also expressed her disappointment in the media for being “awful” to her family

“All they know is what they hear — bad things. She’s had her ups and downs. Who hasn’t?” Cissy notes. “Let them think and know what they want to say. I just hope they never come and say it to me.”

Cissy also asserts that rumors that Whitney was broke at the time of her death are “crap.”

Cissy’s interview is scheduled to air tonight.