Cissy & Whitney Houston*In an emotional interview with television station WWOR, Cissy Houston shared some intimate memories and moments about her daughter.

It was her first interview since Whitney Houston’s death.

Although she’s proud of her girl, the mourning mother said her daughter was in a good place at her death.

“I’m very proud of my daughter; she accomplished a whole lot in the short time that she was here,” Cissy said, “She’s not broke. She’s not anything, none of that crap.”

“The media are awful. People have come from here and there, [and they] don’t know what they’re talking about. People I haven’t seen in 20 years…. Here they come, [they] think they know everything, but that’s not true,” she said. “They really chopped on her, chopped on her…kept, kept, kept.”

Overall, however, the matriarch of the family has no regrets about how she raised Whitney and that she made her proud, despite the dark days.

“I don’t blame myself, I know I did the best I could for everything.”

By the way, Cissy has returned to her gospel roots, and is back to singing. The Grammy Award winning songstress is ready to debut her newest song, “Walk On By Faith,” and she shared some of the song’s very personal lyrics during her interview.

“You can’t see in the future, you can’t see through dark clouds. You can’t see all the pitfalls, so walk on by faith each day.”

Watch the interview: