david banner*Rapper David Banner spoke his mind on Trayvon Martin last week in an interview.

Banner, who usually speaks on cases of injustice like Trayvon Martin’s, surprisingly said that hip-hop artists aren’t responsible for being activists. He said that artists aren’t activists and shouldn’t be expected to speak on everything that occurs in the black community.

Columnist Boyce Watkins recently wrote a piece on Banner’s comments on the Trayvon Martin case.

Below is an excerpt:

I love David Banner. He is not the only brilliant hip-hop artist that we hear on the radio, but he is one of the few who is proud of his intelligence.  Unlike brothers who fall for the temptation to mask their intelligence with counter-productive bo-jangling, Banner boldly uses his platform to promote the greater good.

My love and respect for David was challenged, though, when I read a recent statement he made about the response of the hip-hop community to the death of Trayvon Martin.  In an interview with TheGrio.com, Banner stated that hip-hop artists don’t have a responsibility to speak on behalf of Trayvon and that they are only required to make good music.

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