dennis rodman*Well look who’s a wanted man again. None other than Dennis Rodman.

Police are searching for Rodman because he’s hasn’t paid child support. Wow, what a surprise.

Rodman owes $179,000 in back child support.  An even bigger problem for the worm is that he owes the dough in Florida, which jails deadbeat dads.

After police hook Rodman up, he can bail out for $4,949.95 — or he can stay in jail and buy a flat screen.

By the way, Rodman is also a wanted man because he failed to show up for his last child support hearing.

Rodman’s longtime lawyers, Bradford Cohen and Vanessa Prieto, tell TMZ … they’ll walk Dennis into court this AM to “clear it all up.”  The lawyers say Dennis was never properly served with legal papers, so he had no idea there was a hearing.  As for not paying his child support … we’ll see what the lawyers say about that.

One final thing. Rodman owes more than $800,000 in back child support to his ex-wife, Michelle Rodman.  Dennis says he can’t afford to pay the tab.