herman skip mason

Herman 'Skip' Mason

*There trouble in River City y’all! Well, actually the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha have discovered that their leader Herman “Skip” Mason is not who they want as their leader anymore.

That’s because it is alleged that Mason has done funny things with the organizations funds. And on top of that, his wife and otherwise money source, is kicking him to the curb.

Atlanta based blogger William G. McCray III aka Mr. Obnoxious, has published an email that details the allegations against Mr. Mason and says some of them are more suited for a 3rd world bureaucrat than the leader of one of the nation’s most influential black organizations. Whoa! Really?

Things are heating up with the men that wear the black and gold! Mr. Obnoxious is always extremely careful about sharing information that is disclosed especially when the motives are not right. However, there are times when the tough decision is made to move forward.

It seems that the whispers about the great displeasure with General President Herman “Skip” Mason have become unbearable for the men of Alpha to allow him to serve out the rest of his term as president. It is Mr. Obnoxious understanding that the presidential term is for two years with an opportunity to seek re-election. Whispers of displeasure with Skip began shortly after his first year in office if not sooner. According sources that are also members of the organization Skip was never really wanted but the older men of Alpha, but the younger brothers found him appealing. Even a gentleman that Skip Mason introduced me to did not support him when he ran for president.

As difficult as it is to share this information due to so many of the men in organization being personal friends and even one time, I was very close to Skip Mason and his wife Hermal Cody Mason. It was Skip that introduced me to his beautiful wife and suggested I work as a marketing and PR consultant. After speeding countless time on the phone and out to lunch with her we fast became friends and she began to share extremely personal things about their marriage and that it was problems in paradise.

“I am sick of it William,” Hermal said. “It is my money that makes everything he does possible, who do you think is writing the checks for him to have tickets and tables at all these events and paying for this campaign?”

As we got closer and closer she shared how frustrated she stayed constantly about him and money. Even times when she was his inspiration, but he was not as supportive of her and her dreams and goals. The mother of two was a student at Emory working on a Ph.D. and is currently in law school. She would try to encourage him to finish his terminal degree, but Skip has yet to complete the course work. After one day sitting across the table form her I said something that I will forever regret. I, Mr. Obnoxious said something that changed the course of our relationship forever and landed me in court with Mr. and Mrs. Mason (I bet you want to know what I said)!

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