miss black france

The first Miss Black France pageant crowns 21-year old student Mbathio Beye.

*French women everywhere are outraged today! NOT!

A couple of french men and some right wingers are weighing in on a competition that took place on Saturday that did not include anyone, but french black women.

The competition has left the country in disarray as they attempt U.S. tolerance with this sort of thing, according to one historian.

According to Madame Noire, Patrick Lozès is the President of the French Representative Council of Black Associations and his council gave the full approval for the Miss Black France contest that was held on Saturday. While his council gave approval, he does not believe that the competition is “progressive,” but destructive:

“This logic is detrimental to the values of French society,” he said. “If I think that there are not enough Black people in the most prestigious schools and companies, am I going to go create establishments exclusively reserved for Blacks?”

Uhhhh YEAH! What kind of statement is that? That is the very reason we have historically black colleges and universities (HBCU’s) in America. He went on to say: (more…)