*The Trayvon Martin case will now head to trial and the result of this case is one that has everyone anxious.

Will George Zimmerman go to jail?

Will he be freed after committing a murder?

No one knows, but one thing we do know is that it will be ugly.

Here’s an excerpt from an opinion piece from our partner over at NewsOne.

A new Ipsos/Reuters poll offers what looks to be an unfortunate preview of what lies ahead for the trial of George Zimmerman– particularly as it relates to how the population will potentially react.

Perhaps it’s not surprising to see that the attitudes towards Trayvon Martin’s fatal shooting are heavily divided along racial lines, but it’s not any less disheartening. The poll finds that 91 percent of Blacks believe Trayvon was killed unjustly. Yet, only 35 percent of whites feel that way. The online poll also revealed that 59 percent of Hispanics believed Martin was wrongly shot by Zimmerman.

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