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J. A. Smith

*Washington, DC – J.A. Smith’s “Overdose” has been accepted into the DC Black Theatre Festival and will be performed in Houston on May 5th at the TBH Theater 333 South Jensen for 20.00. Tickets may be purchased online at jasmithproductions.com.

The show will also premier at the DC Black Theatre Festival on Saturday, June 23rd at 1 p.m. and Sunday, June 24th at 5 p.m. at Joe’s Movement Emporium, 3309 Bunker Hill, Mount Rainier, MD 20712. Patrons may purchase tickets for 15.00 at www.dcblacktheatrefestival.com. Playgoers unable to attend may donate tickets to the more than twenty different charities the festival supports.

This gripping and provocative play stresses the importance of preserving the fabric of America: the family. It calls men to take their rightful places as role models, mentors and fathers, while drawing attention to the family as a unit.

In “Overdose,” everyone but Brian’s deliberately clueless girlfriend thinks that he is a self-absorbed playboy who is more concerned with the catch of the day than heeding his mother’s warnings about the eventual downfall of his flighty lifestyle. His right-hand man, Mike, hides behind an outwardly jovial facade to mask a shameful family secret. Tyler, the most level-headed of the trio, is running from his past to build a better future. The skeleton in his closet could shake the fragile foundation of those around him. The men’s negligence to stand up and fight their demons eventually corrupts those closest to them, including the younger generation and the women in their lives, women battling their own issues.

The playwright has been a high school educator for thirteen years, giving her first-hand experience with the various dynamics affecting today’s youth. Her writing stresses the importance of rearing the future generation to be productive and stable adults. Additionally, Smith works in association with the nonprofit organization Color of Life Youth Center to teach drama classes to youth during the summer. Her classes inspire students to build their personal legacies while learning basic acting fundamentals. Currently, Smith is putting the finishing touches to her debut novel and plans to revisit her first piece of writing, a screen play.

When asked about her motivation to write “Overdose,” Smith replied, “I want to write in such a way that people are shocked when they realize there is a method to my madness, a message amidst the staged chaos.” With its witty repartee and heart-pounding intrigue, “Overdose” succeeds.




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