*The New York Yankees could be rocking some new styled gear pretty soon. On Wednesday, Jay-Z officially announced a new partnership between the baseball team and his beloved brand Rocawear.

This partnership means Rocawear will be riding high at Yankee stadium and integrated into several promotions throughout the season.

Via a press release, Jameel Spencer, executive vice president of marketing for Rocawear shared in the excitement saying that the rapper/entrepreneur’s winning spirit fits right in.

“Jay-Z has been a long-time fan of the Yankees, regularly attends games and has even included his favorite team in song lyrics, so this was a natural partnership. Rocawear, along with Jay-Z are very excited to be working with the Yankees for the 2012 season. We feel another championship in ’12!”

And it looks like Rocawear is in an all-out marketing haul since the deal was announced just days after the company ran its first-ever commercial.

“My goal was to have one gold album and that was it,” says JAY Z in the spot. “And then it became, I want to show that an artist can ascend to the executive ranks.” Ultimately it has been JAY Z’s ability to inspire his customers that has afforded Rocawear over 10 years as the number one brand in its’ space. JAY Z continues, “Rocawear just keeps reinventing itself and redefining itself every single day.” #Marcy2Barclays (Life and Times).