keith olbermann*Yep, we gotcha. Even though we’re two days late. Ha!

Actually, it was on April Fools’ Day, that’s head man, Russell Simmons played the joke and ‘named’ Keith Olbermann as the new CEO of  the website.

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Olbermann,  who was just fired by Current TV,  did not accept the offer, cautioning the acceptance with the fear of having to go vegan.

Global Grind made the announcement on its front page, but followed up with nice reference to April Fools’ Day.

Olbermann tweeted about the announcement on Sunday morning, sharing his vision and that he’ll be including his regular Countdown feature of reading selections by James Thurber could include a remix with Simmons.

Russell Simmons said:

“It gives me great pleasure that Keith will be joining our team and I know that he will make our company better. I think he has has even agreed to go vegan and do yoga with me on a daily basis. Keith is a genius and he will make GlobalGrind bigger than it has ever been.”

But remember, it’s only a joke. And the way Olbermann’s been acting lately, they don’t know how lucky they are that it’s only a joke.