*Another blow lands on Kenya Bell, smack dab in the mouth.

Supposedly the new “Basketball Wives” star spent over $100K on plastic surgery. But she says all those rumors are hogwash.

She tweeted: “if I spent 110,000 on plastic surgery I’d look like Joan Rivers! lmbo!

Her estranged husband, Charlie Bell is being blamed for starting the tall tale, claiming she spent the thousands in the midst of her complaining about struggling to support their children.

According to court documents, she also bought an $82,000 Corvette, $9,000 worth of luggage and shoes, $12,000 on a motorcycle, in addition to the surgery.

Speaking of which, it’s not exactly clear exactly what type of cosmetic surgeries Bell allegedly had done. She doesn’t have any visibly obvious enhancements and on top of all that, denies the reports about the divorce proceedings.

Kenya responded with, “I haven’t told ANYONE about my divorce. Lies.”

Finally, a judge has yet to rule on Kenya’s request that Chrlie, who’s ballin’ in Europe, provide financial support for her.