kevin hart*In the highly-anticipated comedy, “Think Like A Man,” Kevin Hart stars as ‘Cedric,’ a jilted man in the middle of a nasty divorce, and how he goes about handling it.

Coincidentally, during the filming for the movie, in his real life comedian Kevin Hart was also going through a divorce.  While not so nasty as the one portrayed on screen, Kevin says his was not without drama.

Hart says while in the movie his character hated his soon-to-be ex-wife “Gayle,” but in real life he and his ex are very good friends and have kids together, so for that reason alone they’ve been able to maintain a close relationship.  But the process of going through a divorce was similar to what was shown in the film.

Kevin refers to going through a divorce as “a hard angry process.”  For the film Hart says he channeled that, took it “and ran with it.”

You can see how Kevin Hart’s on-camera divorce unfolds when “Think Like a Man” hits theaters nationwide on April 20.