lamar odom*For Lamar Odom, who’s currently without an NBA team because for whatever reason, he and his game decided to take the season off. He ended up getting cut from the Dallas Mavericks and earned a reputation as being maladjusted.

Odom is likely to become an unrestricted free agent this summer, assuming the Mavericks are not able to trade his salary. Any team that trades for Odom has a $8.2 million team option for the 2012-13 NBA season.

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In other words, not a lot of teams are gonna be checking for him and those that do aren’t  likely to give up the big bucks until he can prove that he will act and play like a professional.

Luckily for him, Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson could be just the ticket. On an emotional level, Jackson being a Christian pastor has the ability to connect with Odom. Both are born and raised New York City basketball players – Odom from Queens, Jackson from Brooklyn. According to

It’s a long shot. He would probably have to take less money and turn down a chance to be on a contender. But the Warriors have an eye for Lamar Odom to fill out their starting lineup next season. …. Multiple team sources told me Odom would be a good fit. He’s someone on their radar. What’s more, Odom gives them another creator on the floor, another person to run the show in transition.

We’ll see if it happens. Either way, we wish him the best.