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Oscar Generales, Kelly Preston & John Travolta

*The King of Branding & Marketing in Hollywood, Oscar Generale, celebrated his 40th birthday party at Liz Taylor’s Estate and he did not disappoint her legacy.

Her house was known for entertaining and once again it came back to life recently for Oscar’s birthday gala. If walls could talk they would have thanked Oscar for having such great guests celebrating with him at his all out mega birthday bash.

Actress Michelle Rodriguez on the turntables spinning, Stacy Francis (“X Factor”) singing happy birthday on the stage, David Silverman on the tuba with his band, Kelly Preston cutting a rug with Oscar on the dance floor or John Travolta laughing late in the evening with Mike Epps. It was quite a night.

The exclusive photos below will show Liz’s house blossoming to the original Character it once knew with celebrities rejoicing in Oscar Generale’s day.

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Tanika Ray (HGTV/Extra Wknds), Oscar & Shaun Robinson (Access Hollywood)

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Room shot of Nicole Murphy (left) and Mike Epps (and his wife, Michelle)

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Michelle Rodriguez and Stacy Francis on stage

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Bridgette Nielsen was the tall one behind to kiss little Oscar (Funny)






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