couple by fireplace*One of the toughest types of relationships to keep fresh and thriving is the long distance relationship.

But despite how many may warn you away from entering into one, there are plenty of examples of them working.

But how would they work is what many want to know.

Uptown Magazine has provided us with a few tips on how to make these types of partnerships work.

Fulfill the Physical Needs Regardless

Great sex corrupts absolutely if you’re having it. But if you’re not, this isn’t as big a deal. We all have needs. And of course when people don’t get their physical needs met, they get a little cranky (i.e. Mandingo Syndrome or Testosterone Tantrum Effect). Cop a Bluetooth headset so you can have both hands free when you make that late night call to your boo. It’s wack to be laying there with the phone sliding off your face every time you look at the clock to see how little sleep you’re gonna get before work.

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