*Marcus Wiley is one of the most brilliant comedians to ever grace the Laughalujah stage.

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In fact, we discovered Marcus back in ’03 when Laughalujah was created, which was also the same time he got started in comedy.

We first booked Marcus when he was a full time professor at his Alma Mater, Texas Southern University in Houston. Laughalujah was his very first show outside of  Texas.   He was so entertaining that we booked him on the very first Laughalujah national comedy tour back in 2004: Laughalujah Mega Comedy Jam.

Well, a lot has changed since then … Marcus has been so doggone busy these days that he “dropped out of school.”   Comedy has called him to the stage full time!  Not only that but Marcus Wiley is also co-host (and comic relief) on the Yolanda Adams morning show.

Marcus is truly hilarious and one of the most creative comedians you will ever hear, period!