marlon wayans*Marlon Wayans is ensuring the family’s legacy will continue to thrive.

He’s investing in his nephews Craig Wayans and Damien Dante Wayans as executive producer of their new BET series called “Second Generations Wayans.” It’ll be a cross between popular show “Entourage” and “How to Make It in America.”

Craig and Damien will take a journey to make a name for themselves become in Hollywood, but they’re riding in the shadows of their uncles.

“What’s dope is it’s a progression of what we did and yet a departure at the same time. It will always have that Wayans flavor, that seasoning,” 39-year-old Marlon told “We’ve done so much broad stuff, but this is a more grounded template. It’s gonna push as far as you can go, but this series has heart and it’s funny.”

As executive producer, Marlon Wayans is proud to pass the comedy torch to the boys and has faith the show will be a success. But as of now, he’s still not sure what the future will bring for the show.

“It’s a gift and a curse. You own it and you don’t fight it against it. You have to just be you. I never tried to be Keenan, I never tried to be Damon, I never tried to be Shawn. I can’t be Kim [Wayans] — I don’t have t—–s,” jokes Marlon. “I just wanted to be Marlon and I tried to be the best Marlon I could be. Then I created my own shadow. It’s not a competition. One success is a success for us all. [You’ve got to] stand in your light.”

Meanwhile, the Richard Pryor biopic he was picked to star in, is on hold.

“I don’t know what’s happening with the project,” he says. “Hopefully the Richard Pryor thing will happen and come together.”