michael ealy*Man hunk, Michael Ealy got with the Huffington Post recently to talk about his role in “Think Like a Man,” the film adaptation of Steve Harvey’s “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.”

He also broke relationships down and discussed the message of the film.

After first being in the movie and then sitting down to watch it, he learned some valuable lessons others can definitely glean for guidance.

When asked if the title’s suggested advice should be followed literally, he explained it’s more than thinking like a man.

“I think women should have insight as to how men think. Just like men should have insight into how women think. One of the things that this movie does is, everybody looks at the dating game as just that: a game. But with this movie we bring you through that with the gamesmanship and ‘I’m doing this and you’re doing that,’ and all of that chess-playing back and forth. But what brings this movie home in the end is the fact that everyone feels a sense of connection with the other person, which surmounts the gamesmanship. And everybody is able to put the games away and be themselves and that’s where they find the true connection.”

He also admitted his character, ‘Dominic’ is much like he was in the past … dumb.

Check out the full interview here.