*Could Mitt Romney’s wife be a basketball wife?

Dr. Boyce Watkins sure thinks so in this Op-Ed on NewsOne.com where he talks about Ann Romney’s emergence in the news as of late in the “Work at Home Mom” and “Stay at home mom” discussion.

Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Boyce’s Op-Ed:

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has made quite a bit of money throughout his career, but I wonder if he is missing a significant income-generating opportunity for his family.  Mitt’s wife, Ann, a stay-at-home mom who benefits tremendously from her husband’s success, would probably be a great candidate for the VH-1 TV show, “Basketball Wives.”

By definition, a Basketball Wife is “a woman with very few (publicly) identifiable skills who lives a pompously extravagant lifestyle based almost solely on the hard work of someone else.   Although she is convinced that she is better than other people, the Basketball Wife is meaningful to society primarily because of who she married, dated, slept with or chose as a sperm donor.  Sometimes they also like to fight.”

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