*Monica has been plastered all over the media lately, and for good reason. The singer has been busy, with her marriage, appearances, and of course her seventh studio album, “New Life.”

The instant hit made it to stores Tuesday and it includes the long awaited duet with now good friend Brandy, “It All Belongs to Me.”

In an exclusive interview with Essence, the singer talked about her special collaborations with various artists including Mary J. bilge and her wonderful marriage to NBA star Shannon Brown.

As far as the music is concerned, the opening track is a phone call between Blige and Monica, revealing an intimate side of their relationship.

“I put the phone conversation with Mary on there so that other people could hear what I’ve heard over the many years of our friendship,” Monica said. “When things have happened in my life, I’ve always called her to seek advice on a lot of different things because I think it’s hard to understand and to know what we feel and go through on a regular basis. But having similar backgrounds, and now the same jobs, I know she’s just a person I can go to for a sincere answer.”

She also revealed that she made a few dedications to her hubby, including song, “Amazing.”

“I did two songs on the album that were strictly about my husband. One is “Amazing,” and “Without You” is the other. I told Jermain Dupree that I wanted the song title “Amazing” because that’s always what I would say when I talk about my husband. I didn’t think certain things were possible. I didn’t think a relationship without turmoil or love, or without heartbreak, were possible. I thought these things came together because that’s the way I experienced them. Of course he’s still a human being, but he’s one that cares in a way that I had not experienced before. He’s truly amazing and that’s where the song came from.”

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