swizz beatz and mashonda*Hold the phone!

Could the tables are turned this time?

Recent reports allege that Swizz Beatz is cheating with his ex-wife Mashonda, despite the producer appearing happier than ever with current wife, Alicia Keys.

Both are denying the rumors.

Sources tell All Hip Hop.com that although Alicia is doing her best to be a good wife, Beatz can’t resist his former love.

Could it be payback for Mashonda?

Just to jog your memory, the two (Alicia & Swizz) began dating while Beatz was still married to Mashonda. It was scandalous but no one really talked about it.

But ex-wifey did and is. Allegedly, she’s working on a memoir titled, “Death of a Mermaid.” The book is going to be filled with gossip and juicy details about every rendezvous with her ex-man.

However, both Beatz and Mashonda says it’s fake and AHH has removed the story.

“Much respect to @allhiphopcom for taking down them false ass story’s real people do real things,” he tweeted.

Mashonda also responded by tweeting: “I have no interest in married men! It’s Never been my thing.”

Meanwhile, Alicia Keys has not responded one way or the other.