jennifer williams & nia crooks*Uh oh, it looks like things have taken a turn for the worse for Nia Crooks

As we reported, the Crooks, who’s featured on “Basketball Wives,” hauled off and slapped the crap out of Jennifer Williams on a recent episode (taped back in January).

Jennifer of course didn’t particularly appreciate the five finger treatment and took to the cops, who have decided to serve Crooks with a misdemeanor battery charge for her actions, according to a TMZ report.

A rep for the Broward County State’s Attorney’s Office tells us … officials decided to file the charge on April 10 … after Williams filed a criminal complaint.

If convicted, Nia faces up to a year in the slammer, but here’s what Nia’s lawyer, Marc David Seitles, told TMZ:

“We will vigorously defend Nia against these charges. The women on the show executed contracts expressly accepting the risk that a physical altercation could occur.”

The lawyer adds, “Given that Jennifer herself has previously instigated fights on the show, to cry foul now is absurd and a desperate attempt for publicity and money. We will fight until Nia is vindicated.”

During the incident, which aired on last week’s episode of “Basketball Wives” — Nia can be heard threatening to slap Jennifer … to which Jennifer replied, “I wish you would.” Her wish was granted.

Watch the incident below