*President Obama is pictured above in college smoking marijuana.

While his views on marijuana then were probably really loose as a college student, they obviously aren’t the same as a president.

While we can all agree that the war on drugs has been a complete loss, why are there still politicians trying to keep marijuana from becoming legal when it’s a drug many Americans use? Additionally, it’s a drug that many feel can help cities in their down economic times.

Here’s an excerpt from an op-ed by Michael Arceneaux in which he speaks about Obama’s war on  weed:

Though I agree in principle about what a huge waste of time and resources the war on drugs has been, I can’t say that I share MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell’s enthusiasm about the prospect of President Barack Obama embracing laxer drug laws in a hypothetical second administration. At least not based on recent behavior by his administration. Behavior that, if anything, leaves yet another sour note among a key-voting bloc essential to Obama’s hopes of a securing a second term.

Last fall, Atty. Gen. Eric Holder announced that there would be a federal crackdown on the highly profitable medical marijuana industry in California. The sudden shift surprised advocates given the Obama administration took a relatively low-key approach early on. Earlier this month, though, they made their biggest move yet in this new war on weed as federal agents raided Oaksterdam University, a trade school based in Oakland. DEA and IRS agents reportedly took away computers, files, and marijuana plants, although they didn’t disclose a reason for the raid or charge the owner, Richard Lee, with any crime as of yet.

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