jackie rhinehart

Jackie Rhinehart

*Easter weekend has passed, and I’ve been thinking: As it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual. I am considering the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven and “the cloud” that descends with his return; and eventually, of our own spiritual ascent into the “clouds.” I recognize this is a spiritual belief/or a concept that is inconceivable to many. But consider the concept. For you secularists, let’s think in terms of business and the Fortune 500’s reliance on virtualization and cloud computing. Today, companies and individuals are able to get to their own “cloud” – full of their digitally stored stuff.

Just possibly, cloud computing – created by virtualization software to storehouse our digital content – has hastened and enhanced our understanding of just how the invisible operates in a visible world. Technology is helping us to understand how those things which, having no physical form, reside in the invisible world – like our intentions, creative thoughts, ideas and intellectual property.  Consider how visible technologies have sought to reduce or completely dissolve the physical size and format of many tools ( i.e., telephones, car keys, computers, media, medical parts, etc.).

In order to reduce elements from the small to the invisible, we must let go of our reliance on things that we can touch. Marketing research notes that CD buyers are often consumers who prefer the “tactical” experience of the physical format vs. an MP3 file of sound based on numeric digital codes (can’t touch this!).

There is a generation that has no reliance on the physical replica of memories – those photo albums you love. These visual memories exist but only in the server cloud, to be downloaded where/when needed.

And soon, even the greatest physical love of all, the love of money, will be virtual.

We’ve all received the memo: Cash will disappear. Soon, it will become invisible. Money will reside not in our pockets, but existentially,  in the cloud, stored like a memory on a magnetic card strip  – a series of dots and dashes identifying your millions. And yet, with no examination or handling of the physical dollar bill, we will still believe in the existence of money – its power, its authority, its usage – all  without seeing it. All these things – money, music, books and memories – still will be accessible and real to us (i.e., part of our physical, sensory world). But they will exist primarily in the virtual realm.

Already, the virtual realm is where many of us predominately live. Many people construct complex emotional personalities that exist only in games like Second Life (or Facebook!). Places where we can construct new “real” lives, purchase coveted “virtual” items like homes and clothes, and create emotional attachments with people that we may Skype, but we don’t ever touch! Yes, many people have seemingly conquered the concept of “As a man thinks, so is he.”

Today, as we watch the visible world becoming invisible, it won’t be long before our doubt in the existence of the invisible realm (the unseen) loses its grip. That spiritual dimension from which all things emanate and are created will grow tangible – and why not? For if things once visible can now be made invisible, how soon will it be before the invisible is made visible – to the unbeliever? Happy Ascension!

About the Author: Jacqueline Rhinehart is the president and founder of Organic Soul Marketing, a consultation firm that integrates entertainment concepts into creative marketing, publicity and branding opportunities.  She is the author of My Organic Soul, From Plato to Creflo, Emerson to MLK, Jesus to Jay-Z (Broadway/Random House). With a career span of 30 years in music, she is a masterful omni-media strategist, creating, developing and implementing memorable campaigns in music, entertainment and lifestyle industries. She is a native of South Carolina and Brooklyn, NY. For more information visit Jacqueline’s website at: www.jacquelinerhinehart.net or www.organicsoulmarketing.net;  email her at: [email protected].