*It was just in 2010 when the book about Pam Grier’s life was published and there was some interest in turning it into a film.

Now the talk is manifesting a walk with a coming biopic based on her autobiography “Foxy: My Life In Three Acts.”

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The book is a juicy read with coverage about her many relationships, sex, and wild druggy sex.

Well, pretty much sexy like her alter ego Foxy Brown.

“’Foxy’ succeeds at a stark impression of Grier’s courage and inner strength without the use of rose-colored glasses. Imprint Entertainment looks forward to bringing this triumphant story to life,” said Michael Becker of Imprint Entertainment.

Via Foxy, Grier made a huge impact on the image of the Black woman in America. She was the epitome of sex and strength. Her image was a dominating force in the 70s and among blacksploitation films. She helped open doors for black female actresses.

TV producer/screenwriter Eunetta Boone  has been hired to adapt the book into a screenplay, reports Shadow and Act.

Oh yeah, did we say Pam wants Halle Berry to play her? Well, she does.

Lord, what did Aretha start?