jamal bryant*Clergymen across the nation answered the challenge presented by Pastor Jamal Bryant (pictured) and the Empowerment Movement to register members of their congregation.  Over 100,000 new voters were registered nationwide; an impressive number by any standards.

The Empowerment Movement, a voter registration campaign was created to move the African American community forward in politics, education and economics.  That is: 500,000 churches, 20 people registered at each church, 1 million voters.

Pastor Bryant, founder of the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, MD has encouraged his members to get involved with the political process and ensure the African American voice is heard in the upcoming presidential election.  The church has actively worked in the community and registered more voters than any other church inBaltimore.

Unanimously voted president of the Empowerment Movement, Pastor Bryant and the coalition of clergyman see the need to reach the estimated 5 million unregistered voters in churches nationwide.  They are determined to affect change in the African American community.

”In 1965, Rev. Martin Luther King, a Baptist, Rev. Joseph Lowery, a United Methodist, and Andy Young, a Disciples of Christ preacher, walked out of an AME Church and marched together in Selma for voting rights,” Pastor Bryant told BlackAmericaWeb.com.