raquel bailey billboard*Actress Racquel Bailey is not just putting all her eggs in the Tyler Perry basket.

Speaking further about her Atlanta billboard and life in an interview with Chris Yandek of CYInterview.com, Ms. Bailey says she’s open to working with anyone in Hollywood.

“I think what makes an actress very versatile is when she opens herself to work with many different directors and many different producers.”

For those who think Ms. Bailey is just looking for 15 minutes of fame with her billboard to Mr. Perry, that’s just not the case. The actress has worked for over decade appearing on the TV show Law and Order and in many off Broadway performances among other thing.

“I’m not looking for just to be 15 minutes of fame. I’ve actually been doing this for about 10 years now, maybe even 11 professionally. I’m a working actress, but so many of us are. We’re working, but we’re not being recognized for our talent and ability ‘cause there’s so many of us striving for the same thing…I was a reporter on Law and Order. I’ve done many off Broadway productions. I’ve done, let’s see, Cleopatra, I’ve done For Colored Girls, I’ve done Down the River…I tend to kind of gravitate towards the  classics.”

When people wonder why Ms. Bailey took out the billboard in Atlanta, she notes that nothing is guaranteed in the acting profession and that if you’re not being recognized for your work, you most likely will never get that big break.

“What happens when you decide that you want to be an actress, it is a different profession other than becoming a doctor or a lawyer. There is no guarantee that you will have that great success. When I decided to put the billboard up, what would make me different than everybody else because that’s what really matters, what makes you stand out from the crowd and when you’re putting out headshots and resumes and you’re going through the routines of going back and forth to auditions and just hoping that you’ll get the call. And sometimes it’s who you know, sometimes it doesn’t even matter if you’re good or not and I decided to set myself apart from the pack.”

You can learn more about Racquel Bailey and listen to her entire interview with Chris Yandek at CYInterview.com.