whitney houston & bobby brown*Rumors and gossip continues to bubble over after Whitney Houston’s untimely death.

In the most recent bit of stories, a close friend of Bobby Brown, author Derrick Handspike, says he and his former wife might have had a chance to rekindle their relationship.

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According to the International Business Times, they were apparently planning another small wedding to include their daughter Krissi.

But what about boyfriend Ray J?

Supposedly he was out of the picture months before Whitney’s death, but they were committed to one another until the end.

As far as Handspike is concerned, he’s got a long history with  Brown and knows him well. According to Forbes’ Roger Friedman, he published the legendary singer’s autobiography under his name.

He wanted to publish a tell-all book back in 2008, but then Bobby and Whitney signed a confidentiality agreement not spread their business and juicy dark secrets.

So Handspike took credit for the book to cover Brown’s behind.

In other words, Handspike may be right. Maybe.