jordin sparks*From all indications, “Sparkle” is going to be a hit.

The film’s trailer was just released, giving fans a little tease for the coming premiere.

But some were disappointed to only find a two-minute clip of the film filled with lots of singing.

To make up for brief preview, Jordin Sparks, who plays the lead role Sparkle, and director of the  film, Salim Akil, shared with audiences a few more details, says the Grio.

As of now, the classic title track “Sparkle” is not set to be included in the soundtrack.

“No, not the song ‘Sparkle,’” Sparks said. “Which actually could change, because we’re still working on getting songs on the soundtrack. That could be a possibility.”

Audiences are in for a treat. R. Kelly also was involved with the music. He composed two original songs for the film and they’ve got that reminiscent R&B feeling.

One of the songs, “Celebrate,” is a duet between Whitney Houston and Sparks. Akil describes the song as being upbeat and fun, “It’s just one of those kind of songs. It’s upbeat and they’re trading off like Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley.”

“I actually just heard a cut of it the other day and my jaw was on the floor. For me as a singer growing up listening to her, to be able to do a song with her is incredible. And being her friend, just hearing how she sounded, it was amazing. So I can’t wait for people to hear that. I cannot wait.”

“Sparkle” opens in theaters August 17.