tami roman*At this point, some wonder if all the get-togethers the ladies have on “Basketball Wives” are just set up for fist fights and feuds.

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Last week’s episode was another ‘Jerry Springer’ scenario with enraged battles between Kesha and Tami, Tami and Suzie, and of course Evelyn and Jenn. Nothing new right?

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Well Tami is a bit disturbed now saying the producers of the show are being biased and have edited scenes in favor of her enemy, making Tami look like the bully.

After the show aired, fans of were on Tami’s head, calling her who knows what and all kinds of names. But opinions could have been different if editing was done properly.

Tami called in to iPower Richmond to discuss her issue with the show’s editing. She said the ‘white girl’ comment to Kesha was taken completely out of context and made her look bad.

Check out the radio clip here.