*Who is your favorite Basketball Wives member?

When you ask many viewers and look at Twitter feeds on the night’s when the show airs, everyone seems to love Tami Roman.


Because many love her realness and her flaws as well. She’s so exciting to watch by many with her drinking issues and sudden spurts of anger. She’s also the type to throw down in a fight whenever she feels disrespected. As ignorant as it sounds, it makes for good tv and people love it.

So, we decided to educate you a bit on Tami with 5 facts you didn’t know about her.

1. Tami the VJ?

After landing the Real World opportunity, Tami got other jobs with MTV serving as a relief VJ she has worked as a relief VJ on “Beach MTV,” “MTV Jams,” “Primetime MTV” and “Rude Awakening.”

2. Tami the Author?

Tami is currently writing her autobiographical memoir entitled “The B.I.T.C.H. Chronicles”. “The B.I.T.C.H. Chronicles” is an in depth, no holds barred look at Tami’s real world.

3. The Real World

In her teenager years, she entertained a modeling career until the age of 22 when she landed a role on the prized MTV reality show “The Real World.”

4. Homelessness

After her mother divorced Tami’s father, the family went through troubles as they ended up homeless for 6 months and forced to live on the street. Tami didn’t attend her prom and almost didn’t participate in graduation ceremony because she couldn’t afford her cap and gown.

5. Real Name

Tami’s birth name is Tami Akbar as her mother was married to a man of Muslim faith.