terrence j & selita ebanks

Terrence J and his lady, Selita Ebanks

*The upcoming film “Think Like A Man” addresses several issues from Steve Harvey’s bestselling romance advice book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.”

One such issue is that of the so-called “90-day rule.” In the book, Harvey explains that women should institute this rule of holding onto the ‘cookie’ for a 90-day probationary period, just as companies hold out on a benefit package for new employees for a 90-day period.

One of the film’s stars, BET’s Terrence J, says while he’s biased because he’s currently in a long-term relationship (with supermodel Selita Ebanks), he does believe that women should institute the 90-day rule – here’s why according to Terrence:

“I have like friends that work with me at the job and people that I know of and they’re young, maybe 21, 22 years old and they get into these failed relationships because they’re having sex too early.  And so I want to tell my baby sisters ‘no you need to wait, you need to make him wait’ … and so now it’s good in that regard that we can say ‘hey read the book, watch the movie,’ and you see the difference in Megan Good’s character on making a man wait, as opposed to giving it up on the first date.”

Find out what other Steve Harvey’s relationship advice gets put to the test on the big screen when “Think Like a Man” opens nationwide in theaters this Friday, April 20.