kentucky student riot

University of Kentucky students commit mayhem after Wildcats's win in Final Four Saturday night, 04-01-12

*(Via AOL Sporting News) — Having handled rioting in the wake of the Kentucky’s victory over Louisville in college basketball’s Final Four, police on Sunday took toll of the violence near the university campus and prepared for another onslaught of violent celebration on Monday night.

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Riot police used pepper spray for crowd control Saturday as thousands of rowdies swarmed into streets in Lexington, Ky., overturning cars and lighting couches ablaze after the Wildcats’ 69-61 victory in New Orleans.

About 150 lawmen were on the streets at one point to quell what Lexington police official Sherelle Roberts called “a very dangerous situation with the fires and the violence” that dragged on for hours.

“It’s a fairly difficult situation, but not anything we didn’t plan for,” Roberts told The Associated Press.

Police made fewer than 10 arrests, Lexington municipal officials Susan Straub said. Few injuries were reported after the riotous outbursts. (All times listed are ET)

On Monday, Kentucky faces Kansas for the NCAA men’s Division I basketball championship.

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Watch raw video of Kentucky students rioting: