martin show*Wasssssssssup!

That was one word you heard almost every time you saw the show “Martin,” with Martin playing the role as main host on the radio station aptly titled, you guessed it, “WZUP.”

The show is syndicated today and can be viewed on various stations around the US and the world. It is one of the most hilarious comedy shows in the history of television. And we aren’t just talking black television, we are talking all television.

While we know what Martin Lawrence has been up to, we don’t much about the rest of the crew.

Here’s how they are doing:

Tisha Campbell-Martin

As Gina Waters-Payne, Tisha Campbell-Martin was both a successful businesswoman and the owner of a humongous head (remember when it got stuck in the new bed?). While Martin brought huge laughs on the show, Tisha and Martin had pretty amazing chemistry, which made the show all the more entertaining. However, a lot of rumors flew near the end of the show of sexual harassment and even stalking, and before you know it, around the fifth and final season, the character of Gina was rarely seen. She showed up for the series finale (in no scenes with her on-screen husband), but honestly, that last season was pretty random without all the characters getting along all friendly and what not. Afterwards, she was able to find pretty good work, doing the film Sprung, playing Jay on one of my other favorite shows, “My Wife and Kids,” and making guest appearances on “All of Us,” and “Everybody Hates Chris.” Her latest work was on the TV show, “The Protector,” which was canceled, and in a Mindless Behavior music video–”Hello.”

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