*Ever listened to the radio and heard a singer with such a great voice and what us black folks would call “soul,” that you would not even give it a second thought to whether they were black or not.

And then comes that moment, when you see them on a TV screen and you’re shocked.

Examples of that range from Teena Marie, Joss Stone and Robin Thicke, to name a few.

Our partners over at MadameNoire decided to give us a list of the top 10 white singers who at one point, black America thought were black.

Teena Marie

Where would this list be without Lady Tee!? The late singer was probably one of the first singers out there to confuse the listening public with her soulful, powerhouse voice back when she made her debut. It was also probably because when she first came out, her debut album, Wild and Peaceful, didn’t have her picture on it, and her hit song, “I’m Just a Sucker For Your Love” placed on the “Black Singles Chart” (no such thing now). Black or white though, Marie’s voice was one of a kind. “Square Biz” is my ish by the way!

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