2 chainz*Rapper 2 Chainz was released from jail after being locked up Tuesday for possession of what airport security thought were brass knuckles. But actually it was a four-finger ring.

He attempted to explain the piece of jewelry to police at La Guardia airport, but they detained him and confiscated his ring.

“They tried to assassinate my character, they tried to assassinate my swag,” 2 Chainz, whose real name is Tauheed Epps, told MTV News after his release from jail on Tuesday. “It was just a negative dilemma earlier where someone misconstrued a piece of jewelry for a weapon and stuff.”


He was charged with a misdemeanor possession of a weapon, but he eventually pleaded guilty to a lesser charge after spending nine hours behind bars.

The rapper didn’t get his ring or expensive Louis Vuitton case back, but he’s putting the incident behind him and moving forward.

“I don’t find [jail] intriguing, you’re supposed to make your mistakes during adolescence and use these times right here to kinda fix some of the things you did in the past so with me I’m doing “Respect My Vote,” I’m doing all kind of things to try to have some positive news,” he shared.

The MC, who’s currently on Drake‘s Club Paradise tour, wis set to release his debut album, “Based on a T.R.U. Story,” on Aug. 14.