ashton ruiz & freal shakes*Ain’t no joke folks, it is for real (F’real)! Read on.

Ashton of the pop/R&B group 2-U-Neek has landed a new gig with the convenience milkshake and smoothie giant F’real.

Ashton recently hit up a recording studio in Santa Monica, California to record the new F’real  R&B jingle that is going to have folks singing, and humming all the way to get their F’real Fix.

In the studio with Ashton was his twin sis Ashley … they often work on projects together, but depending on the clients request they can fly solo as well.

This particular spot will hit the Philadelphia and Phoenix markets later this month. F’real allows the consumer to bypass long lines and get their milkshake/smoothie in  a short time and the taste is oh-so great.

Ashton and his sister have created jingles for other companies and are available to create jingles for new customers. Their creations have been heard on radio, television, internet and call on hold, even ring tones.

2-U-Neek is a hard working duo, their talents have put them on networks like Disney, BET, ABC, various stages throughout the south and now Southern California. Feel free to follow them on twitter Facebook.

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