community or conflict*A former USIA Research Officer found that African immigrants to the U.S. want no “reunion” or “community” with African Americans.

The focus of this e-book is on the “Why” and how these attitudes could lead to conflicts in the future if not heeded and addressed RIGHT NOW.

“Africans come here and they are under misconceptions that African Americans are losers and don’t take advantage of opportunities,” says Dr. Eugene Walton.

African immigrants want no part of “community” with African Americans, is the finding of African Immigrants and African Americans: Community or Conflict?, published by EWEmedia in two formats: E/Book and Paperback. E/Books are delivered immediately to your mobile device and Paperbacks are delivered by mail. (Click on appropriate link below):

The main focus of the book is on the reasons for the overwhelmingly negative attitudes illustrated by this incident reported by an African immigrant: “…my mother took extraordinary measures to keep my sister and me separated from local black Americans…like Kicky, who lived across the street from us. My mother not only banned Kicky from our house, but also from the sidewalk in front of our house.”

The author of the research is Dr. Eugene Walton, former research officer with the U.S. Information Agency, who served as Regional Research Officer/West Africa, posted to Lagos, Nigeria 1963-1965. During his tour Dr. Walton supervised public opinion surveys on Africans’ attitudes on Cold War issues with additional questions on their attitudes toward American Negroes (African Americans). The results of the surveys, which showed Africans to be favorably inclined toward community with American Negroes, remained classified for 50 years and are now being made public for the first time. The goal of this research was to determine if current African immigrants shared the historic inclinations of their parents and grandparents in Africa years ago.

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