al jarreau*Lord, we hope this news isn’t a harbinger of things to come.

Singer extraordinaire Al Jarreau was scheduled to sing at The Centre at Lexus Escondido tonight, but because he became ill, the venue has cancelled the concert hall has cancelled the performance.

A source close to the situation told TMZ he was taken to the hospital, however the nature of his illness was not revealed.

Back in 2010 Jarreau was hospitalized in France for several days due to respiratory problems.

Jarreau, who is 72, has won 6 Grammys … including one was recent as 2007… and nominated for 12 more.

By the way, the entire concert was not canceled — George Duke, who is also on the bill, is still scheduled to perform.

Developing …

Let’s all say a prayer for Mr. Jarreau. In the meantime, enjoy his magical voice as he performs one our favorite songs, “Mornin'” from his Best of Al Jarreau album: