charlie & kenya bell*In life, some people say ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.’

Apparently, this would apply to Charlie Bell, as the former NBA player is asking for financial support from his wife, “Basketball Wives” star Kenya Bell.

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In legal documents filed by Charlie Bell, he claims he’s hasn’t been making as much money as he used to make before he got dropped by the NBA last year. The sportsman is currently playing ball on overseas in Italy. Despite having more than $1 million in the back, the Charlie Bell, claims that Kenya should provide spousal support to him in light of the money she pulls in with “Basketball Wives.’

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According to TMZ, Charlie claims he pulls in $100,000 a year playing basketball internationally, while Kenya collects three times that much on the hit reality show.

Kenya has since responded to her estranged husband by denying that she earns $300,000 on “Basketball Wives.” In addition to shooting down Charlie’s request for spousal support, Kenya is seeking a portion of Charlie’s seven-figure savings.