*With the recent number one finish of “Think Like A Man” in movie theaters across the country for 2 straight weeks, it made us wonder about some other black films.

Some black films that finished number one and some that didn’t.

But what we were looking for at the end of the day were those films that made a dent in the hearts, minds and souls of African Americans all over the country.

Let us ring off a few before we send you to the list:

“Waiting to Exhale” for the females and “Boyz N The Hood” which touched all of us as well.

Our partner site MadameNoire recently came out with a list of their top black films.

Check out an excerpt below:

House Party (1990)
This ’90s Kid ‘n Play classic is a hit.  It reminds many viewers about their school days way back when, where being invited to parties was all the rave, and sneaking out the window just to go to one was even considered. And the dance scenes had everyone in the mirror practicing for the next party. Who else was trying to get someone to do the Kid ‘n Play dance with them???

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