bobbi kristina*Houston, we’ve got a problem.

A problem with Bobbi Kristin to be specific.

The MGM Grand in Vegas has launched an internal investigation into video footage showing an underage Bobbi K gambling at its casino this weekend.

Of course she was there for the Billboard Awards, but as a minor, it is absolutely verboten for her to gamble.

TMZ posted the video  (see it below) Monday morning  … showing 19-year-old Bobbi hitting the slots Saturday night with her 22-year-old boyfriend. Bobbi was in town to attend the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday.

A rep for the MGM tells TMZ, it is now looking into the incident

The Nevada Gaming Commission has also launched its own investigation into the footage.

Underage gambling is a misdemeanor in Nevada, punishable by up to 6 months in county jail or $1,000 fine. The MGM Grand could be subject to an even heftier fine.

Slow down Miss Bobbi. Slow down. You and your boyfriend might think you’re grown, but you ain’t.