bobby brown*Bobby Brown clarified on the “Today” show that he was in fact invited to Whitney Houston’s funeral. It’s just that some things got a little mixed up.

While rumors spread that he showed up without notice or welcome, the singer said the Houston family is hardly the harsh type.

They’re a great family, and I appreciate them very much,” said Bobby, before pointing the finger of blame at the security hired for the televised homegoing service. “Whoever the security was there, asked me to have my entourage-which was my children-to sit somewhere else. After the third time of them coming to me, I felt a little disrespected by the security,” he said.

According to Bobby, the security initially asked his crew of children to sit elsewhere. He obviously didn’t listen. So the funeral bouncers came to him a second and third time. At this point, Bobby had enough and felt “disrespected.”

Otherwise, he says, there’s no issue between him and the Houston family, at least he doesn’t think so.

He commented that he’s tried to express his condolences to Whitney Houston’s mother, Cissy, but he’s been unable reach her.

As far as his daughter is concerned, their relationship is great, despite what rumors say.

“I am her father. She talks to me about everything,” said Bobby who has spoken to Bobbi about her rumored love affair with “play brother” Nick Gordon. “She’s a young lady. I would expect her to have a boyfriend. She would definitely tell me. Nick’s a good kid. I have nothing against Nick.”

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