*There may not be one charge that can really damage a man for good like rape.

The charge is looked upon as a weak and heinous one both inside and outside the 4 walls of a jail cell.

But what about when you are charged with rape, but never committed it like Brian Banks.

Our partners over at Essence decided to tackle the question. Check out an excerpt below and tell us your thoughts:


Last week, a former high school athlete was exonerated on rape charges after his accuser admitted she had lied about the sexual assault.

In 2003, Wanetta Gibson, then a high school sophomore, accused Brian Banks, a star athlete, of rape. On the advice of his counsel, Banks, then 16, pleaded “no contest” to forcible rape, and served 6 years in jail for the alleged crime. After Banks was released from prison, Gibson, who successfully sued her school district for a $1.5 million settlement in conjunction with the rape charges, “friended” Banks on Facebook and later met with him to confess she had lied about being raped.

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