*Wednesday, President Obama took one of the biggest risks any politician can take in an election year.

The president took a position on a highly controversial issue in gay marriage. He said he was for gay marriage and now may lose just as many voters as he may have gained in the gay community.

Will this cost him re-election or will it help spur a community to vote for him that has felt disenfranchised for decades?

NewsOne writer Michael Arceneaux wrote on the topic and says we should celebrate it.

View an excerpt below:

There’s something to be said about knowing when to revel in the moment without instantly shifting to the role of spoiler.

As polarizing as our political culture has become, I’m not at all surprised that Republicans largely condemned President Barack Obama’s decision to publicly state his personal support of marriage equality – framing it as some declaration of war on marriage itself. Frankly, Obama could’ve been sitting on Jesus’ lap when he offered his position on this (or any other given issue) and he would continue to be looked upon as some immoral leftist. However, the more troubling opinions I’ve seen have come from people more than likely to vote for him this November.

Yes, the line in which he took to state his position was thin and intended to remain within the realm of the political center as much as possible, but President Obama did a very great thing in articulating why he believes gay men and women deserve the right to be married.

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