Fantasia Barrino*One church official is publicly admitting his terrible flaw after slandering singer Fantasia Barrino and manager Brian Dickens. He previously claimed the two backed out of a paid gig last minute.

But he was wrong.

Matthew Herman of The Harvest Family Church in Charlotte publicly apologized via Twitter for making false statements.

“I, Matthew Herman, would like to offer my most sincere and humble apology to Brian Dickens, BD Management and to Fantasia,” Matthew tweeted. “On March 14, 2012, I posted false and harmful statements about Brian Dickens, BD Management and Fantasia to my Matthew writes twitter account.”

He went on to explain why his accusations were incorrect.

“Neither Brian Dickens or BD Management ever confirmed an appearance date for Fantasia to appear,” he stated online. “Additionally, neither Brian Dickens or BD Management cancelled a scheduled appearance by Fantasia as she was never scheduled to appear.”

He previously accused the singer of taking $15,000 and running. Herman said he lied.