It’s Mother’s Day and we are not only going to celebrate the mother’s of today who are in popular culture, but those who helped guide us through the civil rights movement.

While men were the public face of the movement, there were many women who were behind the scenes pulling many strings a lot us never knew about.

Below is a piece that focuses on these women and the impact they made in our communities.

As Mother’s Day rolls around, it’s easy to fall into the mushy, simple definitions of motherhood. There’s nothing wrong with recognizing the women in your life who have nurtured those around them, but let’s not forget about those warrior women who have fought to change the course of history for future generations. Take the Civil Rights Movement, for example.

Men were the public face of the campaign for equal rights, but it’s more than fair to argue that women were the real drivers. It’s just that they operated and oversaw and organized without recognition. And to this day, many of those women haven’t received the credit they deserve for mothering the movement to success.

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