*Check out this piece by columnist Dr. Boyce Watkins at our partner site, NewsOne:

*A week ago, First Lady Michelle Obama did an interview with People magazine where she said if she could be anyone else, she would be Beyonce.

The comment surprised many as they expected to pick an individual who wasn’t a celebrity as she reportedly doesn’t like the glare of being in the spotlight as first lady.

But the question begs, “Has the first lady been enveloped by fame as well?”


Columnist Dr. Boyce Watkins wrote a piece asking if she would like to be Beyonce, would she want her daughters to be.

Here’s an excerpt from her column from our partner site, NewsOne:

A lot of conversation has centered around the growing love affair between first lady Michelle Obama and Beyonce Knowles. Beyonce sent Michelle a very nice public letter, sharing her admiration for the first lady.  Michelle responded by tweeting “Thank you for the beautiful letter and for being a role model who kids everywhere can look up to.”

Perhaps in the spirit of hip-hop, I should have (as Reilly on “The Boondocks” would) said the words “pause” and “no homo” before discussing how close these two women have become. But out of respect for President Obama’s announcement in support of gay marriage, I would like to publicly banish the term “no homo” from my vocabulary.

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