*Tuesday night “Dancing with the Stars” was won by NFL football player Donald Driver of the Green Bay Packers.

He became the third football player to win the competition after Emmitt Smith and Hines Ward.


But aside from dancing, it wasn’t all fun and games for Driver throughout life as he went through homelessness, selling drugs and numerous family issues.

Check out this “5 things you didn’t know about” list from the Loop 21 on Donald Driver:

1. Driver isn’t just a dancer and a football player. He’s also a radio host. He has co-hosted the statewide Packer analysis television series “Inside the Huddle with Donald Driver” every Tuesday during football season. His show airs on AM 620 WTMJ.

2. Donald sure does love him some kids. So much so, that he has authored 3 children books: “Quickie Handles a Loss,” “Quickie Makes the Team,” and “Quickie Goes to the Big Game.” The books are based on Driver’s bedtime storytelling to his 3 children.

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