suge knight & dr dre & tupac*Whoa, this right here is some deep dish doo doo.

Suge Knight who was just in the headlines because of the rumor that he was arrested for the killing of Tupac, stopped by the Howard Stern show recently and really started some mess … with Dr. Dre.

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As far as killing Tupac, Knight accused Dre of having a motive for doing away with Tupac. And what would that motive be? Well, allegedly Tupac said Dre was gay and he didn’t want to work with him. Besides being startling information and kinda hard to believe sine it came from Suge Knight, in our estimation, that’s not exactly reason enough to have someone killed. But we suppose his point was that there was animosity between Pac and Dre.

Once again, the gay rapper thing rears its head. Knight told Stern that rappers are actually closeted gays and said that he knows quite a few who are homosexual or bi-sexual.

“95% [of rappers] is closet cases. I know the ones who is on our labels who’s like that,” said Knight to a startled Stern.

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This is where the conversation really gets interesting. He then described an alleged argument between the two rap superstars that concluded with Tupac bolting and calling Dre a “fag*ot.”

“Tupac said ‘I’m tired of this [meeting]. Dre you is a fag*ot.’”

Knight said Dr. Dre responded and said: “First of all I’m not a fag*ot … I’m not homosexual, I’m bi-sexual. If I wanna pound some butt I can do a woman. I’m bi-sexual because I like to get pounded in the butt.”

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Yep, that’s what Suge Knight said Dr. Dre said. Why is why Dre has a restraining order against him.

You can hear it all below. Warning, it’s graphic and certainly NSFW: